isn’t it ironic

I’m not sure it’s truly ironic by definition, but I am certainly amused by the people who are the most fed up with policies and public health concerns are the ones who will keep us in the pandemic in perpetuity. We’re just returning from spring break, when much of the local area practically tipped the earth by flocking to Florida. Some were rumored to have travelled knowingly covid positive. Super. And then, of course, having travelled in regions of the country without mask policies means our returning residents will be bringing with them goodness knows what.

As their concern for those around them is lacking, I’m feeling certain that we are heading into another situation with rising case numbers, stressed front line workers, and new variants of the COVID-19 virus.

Admittedly, we did travel over spring break as well. We drove to Chicago-land to see like-minded family and friends. We spent most of our time outdoors, still cautious, even though most of us are vaccinated. It felt really nice to do something that in the past was really normal. My spouse and I were practically counting the number of times we’ve taken a similar trip when our offspring were tiny tots.

While chatting with our equally frustrated friends, I suggested that even if you were skeptical about covid, wouldn’t you, couldn’t you, wear a mask without complaint, just to be safe? To remove any doubt? I’m plagued by those who claim to be pro-life and yet won’t wear a mask, thus potentially spreading infection in their wake to unsuspecting bystanders.

I wonder if these same people who are so upset about wearing a mask are planning to revolt against shoes, shirts, seatbelts, or stop signs? Applying the same logic, these things wouldn’t be needed because they likewise infringe on the wearer’s freedoms.

If you at all bristled, suggesting that disregarding stop signs are not at all in the same category, then you need to spend some time in introspection. Obeying traffic laws is what we do for the safety of all those around us. It’s why we get so upset when there is a disregard for speed, running a red light, or going the wrong way, that results in the injury, or worse death, of an innocent person who was following the rules.

We’ve been asked to wear masks to protect those around us. It isn’t an infringement of rights, just like stopping at a stop sign or wearing shoes isn’t an infringement.

I don’t enjoy wearing a mask. Although, I don’t worry about whether or not I have anything in my teeth anymore, and I’ve saved money on makeup. I, too, grow weary that we haven’t come through to the other side of this pandemic yet. But, I continue to do my part. So that my conscience is clean. I will be forever ashamed and unable to deeply trust people who, when faced with the opportunity to rise up and care for their neighbors as their lord has instructed them to do, failed to so.

I love words. Words swirl and dance around in my head. I have many deep thoughts. Some thoughts plague me. In order to release them, I have to assign the words. Once the words are strung together, I feel free again.

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