crazy class

We tolerate rude, insubordinate, low class, crass and worthless conversation. Is it fear that keeps us from correction? I suppose it can be. Because crazy is scary. 

Doing what is right, good or proper isn’t easy. So we might choose to avoid it. We hear ignorant speak- whether it comes in the form of horrible grammar, hatred or bigotry and assume that the speaker is harmful.

In an effort to preserve, we hide from the scary people. We don’t necessarily fight the systems because we are just one. There aren’t enough brave souls willing to take on the immoral. It seems immoral is the new normal. 

That leaves fewer good guys to take on the bad guys. If we all walk away with our hands up in surrender to the ignorance, then, doesn’t that mean that ignorance wins? And then the next greatest class will not be middle class or upper class. It will be the crazy class ruling the world.

I love words. Words swirl and dance around in my head. I have many deep thoughts. Some thoughts plague me. In order to release them, I have to assign the words. Once the words are strung together, I feel free again.

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